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Happy Mothers Day Ma

Mother’s Day wish…… I dread Mother’s/Father’s Day each year. It’s a day where the community says (deep dictator voice) “If you care about your mother/father then you must let them know on this specific day!” I try to let my … Continue reading

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Smashing good company 2014 (part 1)

Oh you poor people, Smash being named as such give’s me acess to SO many pun’s, if there bad or not thats up to you (winks). so in this blog post i wanted to talk about some of the AMAZZING … Continue reading

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A SMASHing good time…

I started my cosplay jouney to smash with one week preperation and i was in bed sick for the 1st three of those days. I was to do the weapons and my friend Emily (Em) was doing the costumes, as … Continue reading

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Meow chat review

      Products I used I used my iPhone for this I don’t have a android but I’m sure you could still get a opinion of meow chat from this review. Type of app Meow chat is a social … Continue reading

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I’ve been struggling lately with what I want from life, how I’m gonna get it and how I’m going to cope with the stress it may bring. To say I have no idea would be a understatement of the complete … Continue reading

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