Happy Mothers Day Ma

Mother’s Day wish……

I dread Mother’s/Father’s Day each year. It’s a day where the community says (deep dictator voice) “If you care about your mother/father then you must let them know on this specific day!”

I try to let my mother know she’s appreciated whenever I can. She’s not perfect, nobody is but she does more for me and my brothers then anybody can even fully comprehend, even me to be honest.

But back to this specific day subject for a second.

Telling somebody with autism to feel something at a specific time is like telling a creature without eyes to pick a red flower out of a bouquet; they may get it right but it’s only going to be by chance. That being said, everyone is different. Maybe some find love easier to express then me. I have no trouble with expressing pride on command for instance.

If I could do one thing on this day though it would be letting my mother know just how much she truly means to me. Words can’t do that and no actions I have the ability to do myself express it well enough.

I guess this’ll have to do.

Ma you are the fabric that keeps my reality together, you are the brightest light in my darkest days and the source from which I draw hope for humanity when I run low. You may not be perfect to everyone but you are to me.

Love you ma.



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