Smashing good company 2014 (part 1)

Oh you poor people, Smash being named as such give’s me acess to SO many pun’s, if there bad or not thats up to you (winks). so in this blog post i wanted to talk about some of the AMAZZING people I met at Smash.To say i was excited at smash would be a understatement there was so much to see and so much to do i only got a brief moment with a lot of these wonderful people but id like to share it none the less.

the twins from Bioshick infinite at Smash pic 2

the twins from Bioshick infinite at Smash








Rosalind & Robert Letuce Bioshick infinite

These two where amazzing, ill probably be using that word a lot here. for those who havn’t played Bioshock Infinite Rosalind and Robert appear more then several times in it, to say they are crazy would be a understatment, but there only crazy by normal standards and this game dosen’t hold much of the norm. while they are comically convolouted a lot, they seem to hold a constant refinement all the time that makes them seem like they hold all the cards. but i digress the cosplayers in these photos portrayed them so well it was almost scary, I approached these two with my fellow links and asked if i could flip the coin? as thats what you do in the game, the man playing the part of Roberet gave a slight nod while the lady playing the part of Rosalind extended her hand with the coin on the plate, everybody around us seemed to watch in anticapation as to the result of the coin flip. I fliped the coin and caught it in the air (all that coin flipping practice made me look pretty cool there) I had a look of anticipation on my face as I looked at the cosplayers doing a briliant job keeping there composure, my hand still on the coin i called it “tails!!!”,,,,,,,,, it was heads. i slouched in defeat Robert gave a small smile and Rosalind got out some chalk and put a point down for heads. I unfortunatly didnt get the names of these amazzing people but they left a “BIG” impact.

Fang and Vanile AND ME!!! at Smash




Oerba Dia Vanille & Oerba Yun Fang

I’ll admit it I fanboyed just a wee bit here Vanile and Fang are a big part of the story in final Fantasy XIII but i can go to deep into details without spoiling the game for you. Fang is a strong forceful woman who rush’s into combat usually with nothing but her iron will her weapon and a goal. Vanille is quite the opposite she hate’s combat, yet she will fight to the death for the hapiness and piece of other’s. I paused and thought to much about asking people for picture’s at Smash but here i didn’t, before i knew it i was posing and grinning like a idiot. these cosplayers costumes where amazzingly detailed and the matched there personality to the characters quite well, again i didnt get there names to which im disapointed about but hopefully ill see them again at another convention.



Zelda group 2










I had to do a little reaserch on this cosplay as I never had the pleasure to play The legend of Zelda Ocarina of time. Sheik is actually princess Zelda masking her apearence as a male Shiekah to acomplish her goal’s in secret. the lady cosplaying Shiek (or was she cosplaying princess zelda???) did a amazing job of it. she was with her a friend who was cosplaying Skull kid from another Zelda game and they where into these character’s. Our green link went up to her to ask for a photo, she was browsing manga when nick asked her for her photo in but a split second she was in a pose waving her hand’s like she was weaving a spell. While I didnt understand the significance of the pose I apreciated and enjoyed her enthusiasm for the character she was cosplaying. we stood here in aww at both Shiek and her friend Skull kid obviously a lot of effort went into there costumes.

I think ill leave it here for now and start working on another one of these Smashing good company 2014 entries, next time ill talk about Skull kid and the friendly plumber who helped me fix my shield “MID CONVENTION” hope you enjoyed this so far.


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