A SMASHing good time…

I started my cosplay jouney to smash with one week preperation and i was in bed sick for the 1st three of those days. I was to do the weapons and my friend Emily (Em) was doing the costumes, as a result i was unable to get the progress pictures i wanted. It seriously takes a lot of concentration and focus to make a costume, much more then i realised. i couldnt have met my deadline without the help from my mum, dad and nan as i simple didnt have the expirience with the required tools and material needed. in the end it got done though and my effort and stress was repayed back ten fold but with joy.

I got to my friends house and i tried on the tunic, ears, hat and felt overjoyed for what was to come,. though to say i wasnt still nervous would be a gross lie, i was freaking out. I finished painting the shields and swords at my friends place with Em and after we finished we drew a quick picture on the tarp that was placed on the table. Em being the briliant artist she is drew a man ridding a horse while i drew a big moon smily face in the background, btw this was done with spraypaint so you can imagine the dificulty.

the day finally arived and we took a seflie of ourselves on the way, a very new expirience for me. when we got there we got out and posed for some photos.

4 swords links

im the dashing looking fellow on the right lol










we walked in and i almost bought a second ticket, as i misunderstood what Em ment when she said im going to get “our” tickets. i know fairly straightforward but i still misconstrouded her meaning. we got in and we where slightly dunstruck as to what we should do next. while everybody stood around i saw something shiny and wandered off in that direction and everybody just kinda followed me our quest had begun!!! in case your interested as to what the shiny thing was your gonna have to use your imagination as i cant remember. we arived at a pair of doors leading into the complex we all hesitated to enter as people where coming in and out of it like crazy we just kinda stood there shields raised in a state of caution, well “i” stood there with my shield raised in a state of caution. just as we built the courage to charge in somebody charged out and asked us for a photo we looked more or less like this,

like a deer in headlights

like a deer in headlights







he was rather certious we just where taken back that somebody wanted a photo of “us” throughout the day we got asked several more times for photos, we all thought our outfits would be nothing special but none of us where going to say that to each other we all admited it after the convention though and that we where surprised that nobody else shared our thought process everybody was overjoyed to see us they said the bigest draw about our costumes was the simple fact that we all where there, all of the 4 sword links. after the con i can see why keeping 4 people together was a big deal, we all wanted to do different things, yet didnt want to leave each other. Im going to do several blog posts about all the people we met the things i bought and stuff we did as i cant do it justice here (without ranting on).

I was amazzed beyond words that i was able to be among so many people and not feel anxious, i felt like i was among friends among my own kind! people who regard friendship and a comen intrest as highly as I do. i could have stayed there all day i was in bliss i could hear white noise (like a school crowd) and it didnt bother me, and that to me is bliss.

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