Meow chat review





Products I used
I used my iPhone for this I don’t have a android but I’m sure you could still get a opinion of meow chat from this review.

Type of app
Meow chat is a social networking app that allows you to talk to random people all over the world.

$0 it’s free and that’s always good no?

Ease of use
As with all things it takes awhile to get used to. Fortunately it’s very to the point, when you boot the app up for the 1st time it asks for permission for various thing such as to send you push notifications (sound similar to when you get a message) these are pretty standard for social networking apps. after that it’s pretty much free to explore, it’ll probably take you 10 minutes to 1 hour to understand completely, it took me the latter as I like to know the in’s and outs of everything.

Recommend age
Age is a difficult thing to pin down some people mature young and then there’s me (people that don’t ever mature lol) but as the 1st 3 photos I saw when I booted the app were of a girl posing in little more then what looked like a cloth (it was possible a small bikini) I would recommend discretion

Overall opinion
Meow chat was a experience I’ll give it that. it was both good and bad and at times “very” unexpected. Let me share a word for word story I had with a random person online

Him: quickly answer me this
Him: how many marihuanas did you do?
Him: nice
Him: good person, you are (hello face)
Me: yep I’m just that cool lol
Him: foreal dog
Him: aight mah nga, have a great day
Me: you to mate

That happened in less then 30 second my head almost blew up but I think I handled it ok I also met a lovely girl from Vietnam who I chatted to about my pet rabbit sumo and we talked about animals, culture and many other things it was nice. I personally think meow chat is worth a try you don’t have anything to lose.

Ps: I’m TheMindOfAutism on meow chat if you want to chat just favourite me and I’ll do the same.

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