I’ve been struggling lately with what I want from life, how I’m gonna get it and how I’m going to cope with the stress it may bring. To say I have no idea would be a understatement of the complete confusion I’m currently feeling.

I found somewhere to start from at least. I was talking to my friends mum on the way home (his whole family are like a second family to me)
We where talking about how difficult it was to separate my desire to talk about video games and my desire to raise awareness about autism. Neither of these I’m particularly proficient at yet, I asked if she thought both paths would work out or should I try to focus on one more then the other. I simply couldn’t see how you (the person reading this) could accept a gammer/autism blogger, there two VERY different things. What she said to me was so simple yet I had completely missed it, she said

“We accept you don’t we?”

How could I miss that??? In trying to do one and give the other up I’m essentially depriving you of a big part of me and I personally am depriving myself of sharing something I love. Autism is a part of me! As is gaming as is my respect for woman/elders, I love my country, I believe in free speech I’m socially awkward around new people/woman I talk to much when I’m trying to make a point and I sometimes make terrible jokes, all these are a part of me but not any one of them defines me, they define me as me when there all together.

Simplicity itself, I mean who knows? I might attract many crowds to my blog and truly wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?

“For a thought or idea to live it must touch another’s mind”

looking at the catagories for my blog it seems somebody already belived I could do it all, my Ma. mum helps me with my blog when I need it. its funny how we can skip over those things sometime. what we think we need, what we think we dont have, and when we think people dont care, im lucky beyond words to have the mother I do.

ps:hope she dosn’t read this her head will swell lol

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  1. L says:

    Being honest and true to yourself is one of the most important things in life, it provides you with the opportunity to enjoy what you do. Never try and hide parts of yourself, they are what makes you…. well you and that is truly a wonderful person.

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