Comfort zone

I broke out of my comfort zone today not by much but just enough. I was at my local Woolworth’s with my Nan getting some groceries, Nan had gone to sit down while the groceries got bagged and packed.

the man there packing the bags reached over to the back of the stacked goods and said to me “you wanna try and stack all the frozen/cold stuff in one place, so it’s easier for me to pack and for you to unload” he looked back at me smiled and said “don’t worry I’ll teach you” I smiled back and said thanks. He continued on and gave me a run through of simple things just to generally make it more efficient I said thanks for teaching me BTW my name is Andrew.

To witch he smiled continued packing and said nice to meet you Andrew I’m Duane. The general chit chat followed he asked where I was from, how long I’ve been here etc. about 5&1/2 years I’ve lived here and I’m only now introducing myself to you, That I didn’t say aloud. I’m not sure if he was in a rush or I unsettled him but if he said it once he said it ten times ” it’s ok ill teach you” part of the average day for Duane but it was a big moment for me.

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