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Love and loss (part 1)

This blog is going to be in 3 parts over 3 weeks, the main reason being that if I put it all in 1 blog it’ll be that big ain’t no one gonna wanna read it.






Another reason is to create a reason to visit me here again, its ever so lonely here. That and I’m sure it’s good in many other ways I haven’t fully thought out yet. The three part series will consist of me meeting my 1st love, losing her, and lastly how I deal/dealt with the aftermath

It started as the best relationships do, by complete and utter accident. we both played a great game called adventure quest worlds I’m not going to go into massive detail about the game but I will say 2 things, 1 the team that works on the game are amazing individuals and 2 its a MMORPG for those of you who don’t know what that means, basically its a game where you play with thousands of other people online

But back to how we met, I had just finished the area I was in and had just clicked on the door to enter the next area, as my character ran towards the door a message popped up in local area chat, I quickly clicked away from the door and went to read the message it said “can I get some help with this boss please?” I paused for a second and said “sure”

The memory is crystal clear in my mind how it all happened I ran to the area where the boss was it was a giant pterodactyl. To a lot of people it was just some animated characters moving on a screen but to me at the time it was more it was my escape, I knew it wasn’t real but I reveled in the fantasy of the moment. My character was a rouge (like a thief) with forest green hair, as I approached the creature I saw the person who had called for help, She was a healer with long brown hair dark chocolate brown eyes and  pearl white skin. She was already fighting the monster when I arrived so rather then open with pleasantries I rushed in to aid her as the fight continued on for about 3 minutes she managed to fit in a “thank you” a midst the combat. We felled the creature collected the proof of the kill and went to hand it in. After we did we talked for about 3 minutes she added me too her friends list, said she had to go and goodbye then logged off. I continued on to the next area.

Several weeks later when I completely forgot about her or the person behind the female avatar on screen. She asked for some help with a quest. With me being my usual helpful self I again said “sure”. I helped her finished the area I had already completed, the one where we met. The thing about adventure quest worlds is they release new content weekly Friday afternoon for America and Saturday morning for us Australians, me and my new friend were in the later group and we both woke up and started playing on the weekends, naturally we would team up and chat about our past week exploits both real life and in game. Our teamwork usually consisted of me charging in sword drawn as a warrior and her covering me with magic as a healer.

After awhile we got to know each other I was rather forthcoming with information as I was young a little more naive and felt I had nothing to hide. She was reluctant however you don’t need to be a real life wizard to notice somebody simple not engaging fully in conversations and with the fact I was so forthcoming with information may have made in seemed staged or planed out her cation was a good thing, she didn’t know who I was, she didn’t know if I was telling the truth so she did the smart thing. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t throw my life schedule, a list of my fears, and bank account details on a platter and hand them to her either, I was just slightly more forthcoming with details about who I was.

After awhile though with our regular weekend meetings she spoke about herself slightly more, I learned she loved to read and wright, something I had little to no interest in but my new friend did (seems a little ironic now no?) and I enjoyed hearing her story’s and occasionally voicing my opinion on the characters. Eventually after awhile we shared more. we shared our desires for the future, our weekly exploits and our day to day problems. Funny enough we relied on those Saturdays and sometime Sundays to get us through another week.

She was and still is the complete opposite of me where I would wander and hide she sounded like she could claim every stair in the sky with nothing else but her will. About 3 years past and my 18th came up. Mum said she had a special guest for me.the several days leading up to my party I found out just how right I was about her.

(the photo i have in this pic is not mine however i do not know how to add credit yet. i will update this blog ASAP as soon as i find out how to add credit to the creator of the photo)

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