Child of light review

Child of light





Child of light is a story of a young princess who falls ill and enters a different world. through visions she see’s that her father isn’t taking her sickness well and in his depression is becoming gravely ill himself. Seeing this she decides she must escape this world and get back to her father. along this journey she realizes the world she is in is becoming more and more dark and only she can bring back the light.

Gameplay (controls)
the controls in child of light where very responsive they are simple controls yet work brilliantly it doesn’t do anything over the top but it does test new ground with a 2 player support role, this role consists of the second player taking control of igniculus  a firefly that resembles a  small blue flame. You hover igniculus over certain things and hold the left trigger (right trigger if playing alone) and various things happen such as chests opening, traps briefly deactivating, healing the player and even slowing the enemy in combat.

If I had to nit pic something
This is just me personally and I quite liked it 75% of the time but the other 25% the rhyming drove me nuts, all the dialogue in this game is rhymed its amazing how they made every event fit into the story and make it rhyme but when I left the game and went to talk to my nan her sentences didn’t sound exactly right, probably just a autistic thing but hey that’s my choice for the nit pic.

The silver lining
Again this a personal one but I got a really good entry from this tittle for my top ten OMGWTF moments of 2014 in gaming. saying that the silver lining of this game we all could probably recognize as great, was that after the initial purchase if the game I didn’t have to buy DLC (downloadable content) for the game there wasn’t any parts I couldn’t get past with enough effort and that’s something to few games have these days. Yes there is dlc but if you buy child of light you buy the whole game and DLC is just bonuses.

is this game good for my little brother?
Yes by all means, there was not one ill mannered word in it. It has a beautiful art style and it has a great message of cooperation and how important friends are. So yes I will actually let my brother play this on my console, as this is a game I specifically want him to play.

My Overall opinion
Child of light took me ruffly 20 hours to complete, it probably won’t pose much of a challenge for your hard core gammer but the breathtakingly beautiful art style the brilliantly worded rhyming and general gameplay make it a very welcome distraction from the normally mass produced 1st person shooters.

Ratting: 7/10

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