Am I Ready???

There are many simple steps I take in my daily life.

One is freaking out over little things that most people wouldn’t take a second glance at (is that a step I take consciously? Or is that more classified as falling over?). Another step in my daily life that I have more control over though is the lessons I’ve learnt from people far wiser than me.

One of those lessons is that you shouldn’t seek attention until you are ready and able to handle it.

I was expecting a snail’s pace of ‘followers’ on my blog and other social media and not all the likes and readers that I have already found. What a surprise it was for me. To find out that people wanted to hear what I had to say.

I know that ‘followers’ is the technical term but personally I don’t think of people like that. Every like and every follow is a person consciously choosing to do so.

In short I guess I’d call them like minded friends!

I’m veering off subject again though so back to the subject of me being ready and just how ready I am. Now I’ve thought about it a little more and I realise that The Mind Of Autism may pick up faster than I anticipated but I think that is a good thing.

My Ma (mum) supports me a lot with my blog and everything. Ma has found so much support through her blog by a lot of lovely people but she has been hurt by some other, not so lovely people on the world wide web. I guess that worried me a little because I saw how upset and hurt Ma was.

So then I sat down and asked myself, ‘Am I ready?’

I hesitated for a second then said confidently to myself, ‘yes I am’.

Two minutes later I had an epiphany and realised that while I’m ready now I may not be tomorrow, I may have a completely horrible week three months from now. A week so bad it debilitates me and takes it all out of me, then again I may still be ready. That’s the way life works I guess.

I remember that some of the most debilitating days in my Ma’s life have been shared and eased because of her blog. By having a place to be heard and a community that cared for her from all over the world.

I find comfort in that…

So I am not sure what tomorrow holds but right now though – I’m ready for it. 

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